Regal "Savage"

Regal “Savage”

Catalog Number: enemy024 Format: 12″ Vinyl, MP3 Release Date: Sept 2014 (Vinyl) (Digital) Savage EP by Regal Regal returns to Enemy Records after recent stints…

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Regal returns with “Savage”

Madrid-based Regal returns to Enemy this fall with a new EP entitled “Savage.” Set across four tracks, Savage shows Regal’s slightly more clubby side of…

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Dustin Zahn’s birthday rager hits Minneapolis

Dustin celebrates his 30th Birthday this weekend at home in Minneapolis with long-time local friends DVS1, Centrific, and Web of Deception. This also marks the…

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Emmanuel "Rust"

Emmanuel “Rust”

Catalog Number: enemy023 Format: 12″ Vinyl, MP3 Release Date: July 8, 2014 (Vinyl), July 22 (Digital) Rust by Emmanuel Emmanuel returns to Enemy Records with…

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Dustin Zahn and “The Unfailing Light”

  Dustin Zahn returns to Drumcode after just 3 months since his debut album for the label. “The Unfailing Light” has a huge crossover appeal,…

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Emmanuel Unleashes “Rust”

Following the success of his “Limits EP,” Emmanuel returns to Enemy with “Rust.” Three tracks follow a similar vein to the aforementioned EP along with…

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Dustin Zahn Announced for Movement Festival

Dustin Zahn is set to play at the Underground Stage of Detroit’s Movement Festival. Marking the first occasion for him at the actual festival, Adam…

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Dustin Zahn is as “Calm as a Bomb”

Just a few short months after his debut album “Monoliths,” Dustin returns with his second EP this year entitled “Calm Like a Bomb.” The EP’s…

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Flug "Shaping the Way"

Flug “Shaping the Way”

Catalog Number: enemy022 Format: 12″ Vinyl, MP3 Release Date: April 8, 2014 (Vinyl), April 22 (Digital) Shaping the Way by Flug Barcelona’s Flug makes a…

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