Great Beyond

The Great Beyond is a 3-day campout dedicated to psychedelic House & Techno music. It is a collaboration between Zahn’s Enemy Records & MN promoters Intellephunk. The outdoor event takes place roughly two hours outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota and rages on for 72 hours nonstop. Free camping is available on site, while a free shuttle is provided to serve hotel guests roughly 20 minutes away.

The ‘Main Stage’ features headliners ranging from up & coming to legendary acts that have inspired us since the beginning. Our ‘Communion’ stage features great talent from local scenes across the country. ‘Domeland’ acts as our chill out stage which is always there for you when everything feels a bit too heavy.

Our main goal is to showcase a side of dance music that is often overlooked and under-appreciated on the festival circuit. We aim to provide a positive, welcoming experience that encourages you to be yourself, push your limits, and most importantly…not be an asshole. Last but not least, we hope that The Great Beyond can be a unifier that brings people and scenes together. We encourage everyone to inspire each other and bring collective knowledge back home to share with your local scene.

For more information along with artist line-ups, please visit The Great Beyond Official Website.