Goodnight, Daylight. 15yrs of Enemy

Goodnight, Daylight. 15yrs of Enemy

We’re pleased to announce the first in a small series of parties that will run throughout Enemy’s 15th rotation! The first one takes place where it all started: Minneapolis, MN. Check back here during the day of the event for the address.


Lucy (Berlin)
The Stroboscopic Artefacts boss is making his Minneapolis debut. But wait, is this dude on Enemy? Not yet, but Zahn and Lucy keep talking about a remix or something. Tonight, he’s our guest of honor. His productions have also landed labels like CLR (Chris Liebing), Mote Evolver (Luke Slater), and Eaux (RRose). His DJ sets are diverse, trippy, and mental…basically all the keywords to a great Minneapolis techno party. He tags regularly with DJs like Speedy J and Rodhad, so we’re hoping he knows what he’s doing!

Truncate (Los Angeles)
No introduction necessary here. “Pad Mode” was among Truncate’s first few releases and since then, the prolific producer has built a hell of a name for himself. If you don’t know who he is, expect PARTY TRACKS. Bangin’, Clangin’, Jackin’, the whole shit…because the world already has enough funeral techno.

Z.I.P.P.O (Italy) US Debut
Since his Enemy debut 4 years ago, Z.I.P.P.O has released 2 dozen releases spread across reputable labels under various aliases including 3KZ and Punctum. He has also released on label’s like Len Faki’s Figure and his own label, Fides. His classy, mature productions have made him a reputable favorite across Europe. Everyone loves Z.I.P.P.O even though his name is a pain in the ass to type. His Minneapolis connection doesn’t end with Dustin: He has been a guest at DVS1’s “Invite” series of parties with the next one happening this month at Fabric in London.

Nastia Reigel (Russia)
Nastia released her first EP on Enemy two years ago. Since then, the little rebel has been an integral part of pushing St. Petersburg’s club scene with a thriving LGBQT party in a country that outlaw’s homosexuality. Wild. As a performer, she has played her heavy, hypnotic-leaning style of techno at places like Berghain and New York’s Unter. Nastia has also proven herself as a true, all-around artist by designing the artwork to her own releases, all with meticulous thought and attention. Her new record “Disarm to Surrender” is due to drop in May. If the future is indeed female, she deserves to be at the front of it.

Enemy All Stars:
Dustin Zahn


Hey everybody!
Enemy was started in June, 2004 in Minneapolis…roughly a year after I moved to the city. I hauled ass to Berlin in 2011, but I’ve been home frequently during various tours and studio sessions. Because of the multi-city influence, Enemy has felt equal parts a Minneapolis label and a Berlin label. When it was time to start thinking about celebrating this 15-year milestone, I had to decide: celebrate in Berlin with my replacement friends, or bring it home.

The choice was simple and besides, Berlin already had an Enemy party. In August 2016, we celebrated at Berghain by taking over the entire programming for 36 hours. Naturally, it was easily the hottest day of summer so who wanted to be in a club? I was bummed. To my surprise, it was full the entire time. A thunderstorm followed the massive heat wave early that evening. A lightning bolt struck the club and triggered the emergency power systems. In result, all of the building’s emergency lights turned on along with all the flashing warning lights. What little AC they did have tripped along with the power outage. Even the fire fighters couldn’t figure out how to shut the emergency system off.

The rarity of the situation caused everyone to turn into high-energy savages. I had never experienced the club being so hot and even the most conservative friends started shedding their tops. After 5 hours of this, I was convinced the nonstop lighting would grow old as I was about to start my 10-hour closing set. As luck would have it, the lights shut off just before my first record. People started screaming and the majority of the crowd stripped down to just their boxers/underwear to enjoy the extra privacy. I followed with one of my favorite sets ever at the club.

That was the first Enemy party in about 10 years, and this one will be the second. I realize that’s a pretty hard story to beat, but one thing I’ve learned over the years is that Minneapolis is full of legendary parties too. Since I started working with Steve and being part of the Intellephunk family in 2004, we’ve had some WILD experiences. It always starts with people willing to take it to that next level of crazy. All we can do is provide the playground.

Once again, we’re doing our best to provide a great space with one of the best sound systems in the country. We want you to be free to roam without prejudice or worry. If Harvey Weinstein shows up, we’ll bounce him. If you go a little too hard, we’ll make sure you’re ok. If you want it louder, we’ll turn it up a little louder.

For this special occasion, we’re flexing with a stacked list of headliners who are making their Minneapolis debut. Lucy’s already a big deal, but Enemy has always been about looking forward. This is why we opted to focus on newer talent like Z.I.P.P.O and Nastia Reigel. If you see myself or Steve, don’t be shy. Come up and say hello. Let us know if you need anything. Oh and bring a friend.

Racked and stacked by System Sound

Powered by Blind Studios

$30 Presale (limited amount, announced like real soon)
$35 Door
$40 Door (after 1am)
21+ 10pm – Who even knows.

Secret Location Announced here on Saturday 4/27