Gabriella Vergilov "High Octane"

Gabriella Vergilov “High Octane”

Catalog Number: NME004 
Format: Digital, Streaming
Release Date: July 3, 2020

Track Listing:
1) The Freak Show
2) I Feel Peace
3) High Octane

Gabriella Vergilov finally returns with her second single for Enemy Records. Across three tracks, she fuses elements of Techno, house, and Chicago jack tracks into moody dancefloor burners. “The Freak Show” remains minimalistic while giving a heavy nod to Chicago with massive 808 kicks and claps. “I Feel Peace” doubles down on the techno vibe, serving up the hypnosis and groove you’d normally expect from an Enemy release. Meanwhile, “High Octane” finishes off the EP in peak-hour form. The rolling basslines and arpeggiated leads pair perfectly with her vocals for what is easily the funkiest track on the release. Across three tracks, Gabriella demonstrates its still possible to present moody dance records that flirt with the darkness rather than succumbing to it entirely.