Rene Wise "Jungle House"

Rene Wise “Jungle House”

Catalog Number: ENEMY038 
Format: 12″ Vinyl, Digital
Release Date: January 21, 2022

Track Listing:
A1. Screching
A2. Jungle House
B1. Cosmo
B2. Gummy

Digital: Dogs

After his recent remix of Dustin Zahn’s Submit Yourself,’ Rene Wise returns to Enemy Records with his own EP, “Jungle House.” All 5 tracks are perfectly in line with Wise’s signature grooves while delivering different moods suited for each part of the night.

Screeching kicks things off with a heavy bleep-focused hook that slowly evolves over the track while remaining focused and restrained. It’s a perfect balance of old school Techno influence with new school nuances and sensibilities. Jungle House flips the script with saturated jacking drums and hypnotic vocals. It’s the ideal track for injecting some funk into the mix while keeping things deep and rolling.

Cosmo drops the heads-down business and goes straight for the jugular. It’s full of peak-time energy thanks to a pulsating, percussive workout that constantly modulates and locks the user into the groove. Gummy closes out the 12” with an extremely hypnotic and trippy vibe that might have you wondering what the hell is going in that jungle at night. Lastly, Dogs completes the digital EP and the title does exactly what it says. If you like dogs, this one’s for you. If you’ve ever been attacked by dogs then…well…this is awkward.

Written & Produced by: Rene Wise
Mastered by: Glowcast
Art Design by: Vanessa Vargas
Distributed by: N.E.W.S.