Marcal "Cyber Dystopia"

Marcal “Cyber Dystopia”

Catalog Number: ENEMY039 
Format: 12″ Vinyl, Digital, Streaming
Release Date: January 27, 2023

Track Listing:
A1) Bionic Jungle
A2) Moravec’s Paradox
B1) Nothing About the United States
B2) Don’t Fear the Three

Marcal is back for round two on Dustin Zahn’s Enemy Records with “Cyber Dystopia.” Marcal’s trademark grooves and clever vocal processing make this one of his most exciting and hypnotic records yet. It’s pure class…there isn’t much else to say!

BUT we have to try anyway…

“Cyber Dystopia” starts off with Bionic Jungle, a trippy peak time roller sprinkled with uh, lifeforms or something? We haven’t been able to identify them, which is just proof that Marcal is living on another planet we haven’t been to yet. We’re standing by for the invite.

Moravex’s Paradox picks up where Bionic Jungle left off…chugging along in his signature style. It’s loopy. It’s tooly…but still heavy on the grooves, making it a perfect fit in deep and peak time sets alike.

Nothing About the United States hits a little harder and darker. Dissonant drones and catchy sound design take over, flipping the switch from “party” to “punish.” For fans of his recent track on Enemy, “Never Wrote This.”

Don’t Fear the Three is a classic Marcal percussive workout in heads-down mode. It’s as equally powerful as every other track on the record.

Written & Produced by: Laerte Marçal
Mastered by: Glowcast
Art Design by: Ryote
Distributed by: N.E.W.S.