Dustin Zahn, Joel Mull ‎ “Close Your Eyes Remixes”


Catalog Number: enemy013
Format: Vinyl, 12″, 45 RPM
Released: 27 July 2010

How do you follow up an excellent collab ep from Dustin Zahn and Joel Mull? Get some of the hottest producers of the moment to tear the tracks apart and build them back up! Here we introduce an excellent remix ep from Mobilees Pan-Pot and Drumcodes Alan Fitzpatrick! After experiencing massive success with Confronted and Face-to-Face on Mobilee last year, Berlins producer/DJ duo Pan-Pot has been high in demand for studio work and DJ appearances. Fortunately, we were able to score not one, but TWO remixes from the boys! The main remix is a monster which takes the stompy tech-house groove of Bossa Nossa and turns it into a dark, peak-time festival bomb! The catchy bassline hook and stream-lined rhythm section is a perfect balance for sun-soaked days or dark, sweaty dance clubs. While Pan-Pot pulled a 180 with Bossa Nossa, Alan Fitzpatrick ironically did the same with Close Your Eyes! The original was the heaviest energy-driven track on the last EP, but this time around, his Behind Enemy Lines Weapon strips back the testosterone and unleashes a laid-back cruiser with an undeniable groove. Alans remix is an amazing follow-up to his recently released album on Drumcode! Rounding out the EP is another stand-out remix of Bossa Nossa from Pan-Pot. If big room peak-time techno with frills is NOT the name of your game, then pay particularly close attention to this stripped-back stormer. The Pan-Pot Vocal Edit is a perfect exercise in simplicity. Boomy reverbed sub bass, a kick drum, and a clap. Pan-Pot proves all you really need for a great track is the perfect groove! To round it off into a mini-anthem for clubbers, Pan-Pot also lends a vocal to the mix which lets people know theyre not alone when it comes to fighting gravity when the party gets to be a bit too much. Essential!