Dustin Zahn “New Day Rising”


Catalog Number: enemy021
Format: 12″ Vinyl, MP3
Release Date: January, 2014

After a slew of remixes, collaborations, and compilation appearances, we’re happy to announce Dustin’s first solo EP in four years! Dustin is back in top form with his trademark hypnotic grooves we’ve all come to expect. “New Day Rising” is just a taste of what will be undoubtedly become one of Zahn’s biggest years yet! Stay tuned for his upcoming album due on Drumcode in early 2014.

“New Day Rising” is a roller with pure power that focuses on the right combination of heavy low-end groove and high-energy synth work. During the course of the track, Dustin conjures up one of his infamous soundtrack-driven pads that will instantly captivate the audience. This is all cleverly done while Dustin stresses the tension of the arrangement so the dynamic pops with perfect precision. The “Restructured” version offers a different arrangement properly suited for smaller rooms.

“Lost in Rapture” is something special. It’s a completely unique track with a certain hypnotism that locks the room in immediately. With ‘Rapture,’ Dustin has landed the perfect mix of risk and functionality. Tried and tested, it has already been a secret weapon for less than a handful of DJs for quite some time.

It can’t rain all the time! When you need to set the moodiness aside, you’re going to need something that fucking pounds, and “The Mouth of Montreal” just might be it. ‘The Mouth’ started as a hardware jam featuring a heavy Chicago-influenced backbone with jacking low end, powerful marching percussion, and a twisted analog synth. If you can’t get down to this, we recommend drinking until you can.