Dustin Zahn to release "Born Spark"

Dustin Zahn to release “Born Spark”

DC152_Asides_Volume_4_110116In early January, Dustin Zahn is set to release “Born Spark” on Adam Beyer’s Drumcode imprint. This marks Dustin’s first appearance on DC since last year’s “The Unfailing Light,” which appeared on A-Sides Vol. 2. The new compilation also includes tracks from core Drumcode family members such as Adam Beyer and Alan Fitzpatrick.

Dustin explains the history behind his ‘new’ track: “Born Spark is a track I’ve been playing in most of my sets for a year now. After Monoliths came out, most of the gigs on the schedule were massive big room things. I’m not really into ‘big room tracks’ but I needed a little extra power so I went back to the studio and made some that I could play. I’ve been wanting to release this for a while but I wasn’t sure where to release it or if I’d do it under my own name. I think it sits perfectly at home on the A-Sides comp, and I’m excited for other people to finally be able to play it out too.” He also went on to add that there might be more: “There’s a few others in a similar vein that might come out down the road from those studio sessions. I’m really happy with these other tracks, but they don’t necessarily represent what I’m playing at the moment so I’m not sure if they’ll see a release. I hope they do though.”

“Born Spark” is available on the A-Sides Vol.4 compilation from Drumcode, out on January 11, 2016.

Stream “The Unfailing Light” from A-Sides Vol.2 below: