Dustin Zahn "The Shock Doctrine"

Dustin Zahn “The Shock Doctrine”

Catalog Number: NME006 
Format: Digital, Streaming
Release Date: January 29, 2021

Track Listing:
01. Semantic Drift
02. Devouring Sons
03. Escape From Within
04. Everything Went Black

Dustin Zahn returns with four deeply hypnotic and pulsating Techno cuts. Slow, steady, heavy, heady…these have been staples in the sets of Zahn and close friends for a couple years. On The Shock Doctrine, they’re finally available to the public. This is undeniably Zahn’s undeniably darkest record in years.

Semantic Drift is an arpeggiator-heavy roller that’s perfect as a bridge for DJs during any time of the night. Is it trance? Is it techno? It doesn’t matter. It’s all semantics.

Devouring Sons is a murky heads-down tribal workout guaranteed to drive dancers into the abyss. When it’s time to come up for air…

Escape From Within is all about the slow ascent to the surface. The vibe is relentless and expansive, making it the heaviest track on the EP. It’s music for concrete jungles.

Everything Went Black caps off the EP with a polymeter exercise heavy on lo-fi atmospherics and wait…a M.F. sleigh bell? Mood level: 100.

The Shock Doctrine: The strategy by the world’s economic elites of imposing an extremely neoliberal economic regime on communities they control, using some form of shock: a natural disaster, a coup d’etat, a war, a financial crisis, etc. Once the community has been crippled by this first shock, the economic “reforms” are imposed suddenly, creating a secondary blow. Then, as the community begins to recover and fight back, the authorities use torture and police brutality to (literally) shock the community a third time.