Kai van Dongen "Pulse Flow"

Kai van Dongen “Pulse Flow”

Catalog Number: NME011 
Format: Digital, Streaming
Release Date: September 30, 2022

Track Listing:
1. PseudoRhythm
2. 13:16
3. Down the Middle
4. Beachside Flow

Hot off his release for Truncate’s label, Enemy Records welcomes Kai van Dongen with Pulse Flow, a diverse 4-track EP that offers something special for each part of the night. We hope you like rollers, because that’s what you’re gonna get!

“Pulse Flow” kicks off with PseudoRhythm, the take-no-prisoners peak-time cut of the EP. The 90s-indebted track is as groovy as it is punishing. It goes “wa wa wa, we we we” so you know it’s good.

13:16 takes the EP into deeper territory with heaving bass and pulsating polymeter synths. By the time the pad kicks in, it proves itself essential for any DJ into the marathon journey vibes. Down the Middle brings the EP back up for some air…tinged with feel-good vibes and mood-setting minimalistic synth work. It’s perfect for anybody who wants to let it ride or layer it until their heart’s content. Beachside Flow caps off the EP with throbbing bass, pedaling percussion, and tripped out synth work. The track evolves continuously and smoothly, keeping dancers sucked in. On Pulse Flow, Kai demonstrates that techno is best in its simplest form.