Z.I.P.P.O "Moody"

Z.I.P.P.O “Moody”

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Catalog Number: enemy028
Format: 12″ Vinyl, MP3
Release Date: April 2015

Enemy is back once again with another debut! This time it’s from Italy’s “Z.I.P.P.O” who has had a brief introduction into the techno world via Len Faki’s “Figure Records” and Regal’s “Involve Records.” While both labels focused on a slightly heavier and darker side from Zippo, we’ve opted for a timeless summer record fit for all tastes. This diverse EP is road ready for any vibe in between dark Berlin clubs and sunny terraces in Ibiza. Here’s another slab of heady hypnotic grooves that Enemy has become reputable for.

“Orbit” has festival vibes written all over it. Massive melodic hooks, breakdowns, and uplifting vibes…it’s a combination that could go horrible quickly but Zippo has nailed it here through great restraint and precision.

“Insomnia” is the go-to cut for the heads-down techno heads. This one cuts deep and heads towards darker territory but stays within view thanks to “that” classic vocal sample.

“Tempo” is the answer to the A side track, Orbit. The best way to describe this one is bouncy and fluid, with different sounds effortlessly dancing between each note. At the risk of going completely cheese ball, it sounds like he took Bruce Lee’s infamous words to heart: “Be water.”

Bad records, good records, and great records have one thing in common: they’re all capable of having a great but often looked-over B2 cut. This one is no different. “Urban Sunset” manages to fit in elements of acid, breakbeats, and ambient pads with great effect. The name stands true: try this one out during an evening walk, and not just in the club.