Dustin Zahn & Emmanuel "Man Worships Power"

Dustin Zahn & Emmanuel “Man Worships Power”


Catalog Number: eva001
Format: 12″ Vinyl, MP3
Release Date: August 18, 2015
Special Note: Joint release in collaboration with ARTS LTD.

“Man Worships Power” is the first in a small series of joint releases between Enemy Records and Emmanuel’s ARTS Records. Like rare split EPs from record labels in the past, each label takes control of one side of the vinyl for a double-sided release. With high mutual admiration between both labels, it was inevitable that a project like this was bound to happen. For this special occasion, we offer a full-sleeve cover with amazing photography from Sander Meisner.

On the first release, label owners Dustin Zahn and Emmanuel each picked two of their favorite tracks from each other. “Bark Like a Dog…” has already received regular play from Truncate and “Cargo” has been a secret weapon among DJs such as Zahn and Rodhad for the better part of a year.